In Memory of Jef Campion

Jef Campion, also known as Army of One, was a firefighter, 9/11 first responder and street artist. While rescuing people trapped in the Towers on September 11th, he saw a young child in the midst of the conflict. However, due to protocols of triage, he focused on healing those who were physically injured. Watching the young child seeing him giving CPR to a victim, he saw the hurt, fear and confusion in the boy's eyes. To the innocent young child, it must have looked as if Jef was hurting the other man and not trying to save his life. Jef realized the noises and sights of that day, including his own part, in traumatizing the young man. He vowed to create something that an EMT could use to distract those on the scene who are uninjured but still vulnerable. His idea turned into the Healing Arts Kits. Jef is no longer with us but his memory lives on.


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