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The Healing Arts Kit is first aid kit for mental distress in children.
We learned that pain can be universal and that there are new ways to make it better. We are so thankful to have this new tool in our belt to help us with community relations.
— NY Police Department Explorers' Program
The Healing Arts Kits might have been designed in Israel but it is has very real, very powerful impact right here in the unsafe areas of Brooklyn where we can already see its transformative abilities.
— The Bridge MCP

Created by Artists 4 Israel

Artists 4 Israel empowers artists to use their unique talents to uplift, inspire, promote and protect Israeli communities both through direct action social services and Hasbarah initiatives. 

 The best example of this approach is our work bringing the greatest graffiti and street artists from around the world to Israel. We leave giant murals across bomb shelters, buildings ruined by rocket fire and in communities in need to add color and hope. When these international, non-Jewish artists return home, they become advocates for the Land and its people and create their own pro-Israel programming while their work gains major media attention as well as spreading virally on social media. 

 Most recently, we have taken on the battle to STOP new cases of PTSD in Israeli children through these Healing Arts Kits.