From Israel to Brooklyn

The Healing Arts Kits have been sought out to help children in the United States and to heal some of our toughest divides this past year. Below is a list of some of the communities that have benefitted from this important project. The Healing Arts Kits were featured in a month long series of programs in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Har Nof

After the terror attack at the Synagogue in Jerusalem, Raabi Aryeh Kupinsky's family requests Kits for his nieces and nephews

East Flatbush Village

A group that uses dance to reach at risk children in a high crime neighborhood worked with the Kits to add new elements to their programming




After the Ferguson and Eric Garner protests, the NYPD's Young Explorer's Program worked with the Kits to ease tensions between police and local youth

War Veterans

The Kits were used to inspire dialogue and healing at a meeting of Army and Navy veterans


Mothers who have Lost Children to Gun Violence

Including Eric Garner's family, a group of women hosted a session with the Kits and their remaining family members

Midwood Development Corporation

A neighborhood project aimed at protecting the most vulnerable members of a high risk community