The most critical time period to prevent the onset of PTSD is within the first 20 minutes and then the first three hours after the crises. The next most critical window is before sleep which is when events turn into memories and the brain begins to wrestle with the experience outside the control of external factors. Our unprecedented delivery methodology, providing the Kits in a portable, attractive form which the children can manipulate either alone or, following simple guidance, with adults and our partnership with first responders, hospitals, day care centers, community centers and other primary caregivers offers these kits in that necessary, critical timeframe. 

We have taken art therapy from a reactionary, palliative practice into an offensive, preventative power.

The Healing Arts Kits provide a positive distraction in the moment of crises, breaking the cycle of traumatizing thoughts disrupting the "loop" of stress which reinforces the pain of the event and which soothes, calms and provides immediate mental and emotional first aid during the critical time frame between the event, the crystallization of memory and onset of the disorder.

Our work is constantly evolving and growing as new research becomes available and we receive feedback from those using the Kits.

PTSD and many disorders stemming from exposure to violence hinge on the first 20 minutes of memory after a traumatic event.
— Anxiety Disorders Association of America

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