The Ambulance Version of the Healing Arts Kits is undergoing a thorough data collection and analysis process that will be evaluated by our consortium of psychiatrists, art therapists and outside observers. Our work with the Ministry of Education will also be similarly evaluated. Currently, we are focusing on anecdotal evidence, information from those closest to the Kits and an exhaustive study of our contents and processes. 


Ella, Manager Rehovot Saranga WIZO Center: "This Kit is magnificent; the kids saw and felt that someone from the outside finally cares about them. I was in tears. Today the kids are back to normal and I believe that our treatment with your Kits helped a lot."

Hatzalah Paramedic, Northern Division: The Healing Arts Kits were at the scene of a fire today that engulfed a whole building. A child was evacuated. He was frightened by the firemen and the loud noises. His parent’s tears made him hysterical too. The Kits worked as needed, distracting and calming him, allowing the United Hatzalah emergency workers to focus on treating those who had been physically injured, knowing the emotional injured were cared for.”

Yardena, Manager Yavne Hagilboa Tahliti WIZO center: “The kids are feeling way better. Many organizations provided us programs. You were the best we had. We worked with the Kits for 2 weeks in class decorating and knowing it better. Then they took it home after they already know how to use it. We don’t see any trauma that they have, they are young and they keep on going when you know how to work with them.”

Yatz Naomi Resistal, Mother: "A few minutes after tzeva adom (rocket warning siren), we tried to calm down. My daughter took the box and started to create. They worked about an hour with a lot of fun. I saw how the stress disappeared and the smiles take his place. So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Elizabeth, Manager of the Rehovot Danya Wizo Center: “We let the kids take the Kits home for use during the conflict. The fears and anxiety from the summer disappeared, they are back to normal.”